Saturday, May 8, 2010

munyit oren

Walaupun ade 3 test minggu depan,aku tetap nak jenguk blog yang berhabuk ni. Ini kerana aku nak balas dendam dengan masa aku selama 2,3 hari ni habis untuk siapkan semua assignment and projek je. Biar,aku nak melagha gak dengan buat menda tah pape ni. Hasilnya aku dapat munyit oren. Ni semua sekai punye pasal aku terbuat menda ni. and the results are,,,

You are Orange Monkey, who is lively, fresh and give an active impression. ^_^
Your personality is straight forward, and is a very attractive person to be with.
You are also very sociable, and can keep an eye on people too. (mmg betol..)
Nevertheless, you tend to be rather nervous and worry about things bit too much.
You tend to have a needless fear.
You come up with ideas very quickly, but at the same time, you can easily give up.
You lack perseverance.
You should be more open and natural to have a foresight for the future.
You have an instinct to attract people. (tak paham ayat ni,tp naluri aku mmg sangat kuat..)
You are a charismatic person to whom people naturally get attracted.
You have a flexibility to be able to adapt to any circumstance, and know how to get ahead in life.
You never miss to calculate the profit and loss, and live life rationally.
This makes you difficult to have an intimate relationship. (x betol2)
Once you set an objective, you will work extremely hard to achieving it, and can exercise great tactics. (extreme ar ni,smpai berkampung kat cafe 4,5 pagi wat projek TPE)
Nevertheless, you tend to easily change your target as well.
You tend to be very independent woman, and will hate to be restricted to your family. (independent ye..yang kedua tu x betoi,)
You may start to feel your family to be an obstruction to your life. (ni mmg totally salah la,bagi aku family 1st.)
If you can have a job that would act as a freshener, your life would be smoother.
You tend to have a fantasy world in your head, and may hold a girlish dream all through your life. (girlish?helloo..i'm not that kin of person okay!)
After getting married, your family will be important to you, and you will be able to raise a happy family. (aminn,aku nak laki tua.wawawa~)

p/s:Nak sambung berTPE and berITM.Wish me luck for this coming exam.
Nak balik kampung... :(


  1. "(aminn,aku nak laki tua.wawawa~)"
    laki tua??hahaha...

  2. hahaha.sian ko.xde peluang..sori yek..

  3. klo mak aku cari kan,of kos la pmpuan muda..ko memang tak masuk list r.. :P

  4. hai munyit..
    best nyer duk umah..